MusicThe Greenwood ~ Martin Walker

Music inspired by the mystery and magic of ancient forests.

"Even the smallest woods have their secrets and secret places, their unmarked precincts, and I am certain all sacred buildings, from the greatest cathedral to the smallest chapel, and in all religions, derive from the natural aura of certain woodland and forest settings." John Fowles, 'The Tree'

The Greenwood features Classical and Celtic harps, hammered dulcimer, kalimba, strings, and choirs, along with bells and singing bowls, which enhance its feelings of spirituality. Bells mark the passing of time, call the faithful to prayer, are used to cleanse spaces, as amulets, and help induce a state of trance.

  1. Oak Ash Thorn
  2. Alchemy
  3. Ancient Yew
  4. The Green Man
  5. Birds And Bees
  6. Raindrops
  7. Call Of The Curlew
  8. Parting Of The Ways

Total playing time 62:31

CD £10 plus £1.95 postage & packing

Praise for The Greenwood

"The Greenwood makes a wonderful background for any kind of meditative journey. Worth a place in any collection of CDs."

Pagan Dawn Magazine

"The Greenwood is a great CD, both musically and sonically. Being able to float and disconnect from time was one of the things I noticed and enjoyed most."

Dan Dean, Bassist, Producer, and Composer