Harmonica Electronica ~ Mitt Gamon & Martin Walker

Instrumental Music.

Our latest CD release is Harmonica Electronica, full of emotive melodies, inspired arrangements, playful beats and deep soundscapes. The direct result of a chance encounter between Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker in Spring 2014, this is the first fruit of an ongoing musical collaboration.

Written over the course of a year, and released in CD format only, the eleven songs on Harmonica Electronica feature guest musicians Monti on drums, Nico Ramsden on guitar and Julie Harrington on vocals.

  1. Time Revisited
  2. Fifty
  3. One All
  4. Shifting Sands
  5. Ripples
  6. Passion
  7. Back 2 Back
  8. September Song
  9. Sixty
  10. Bless The Memory
  11. Happier

Total playing time 49:42

CD £10 plus £1.95 postage & packing


"Soundscapes full of inventiveness and sensuality... A unique blend... Definitely worth revisiting!"

Chaz Jankel (The Blockheads)

"Uplifting electronica that features harmonica. Deep and textural. A weird and wonderful combination."

Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

"Where nostalgia meets the poetic, and harmony meets the harmonica."

Gilad Atzmon (Jazz artist and author)

"The God Of Gobiron and Prophesor Atmos strike up the band. Close your eyes and listen. This doesn't come around often."

J.T. Blockhead

"A diverse and immersive listening experience."

Nasher (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

"This one, I'm sad to say, I had no hand in. Well worth checking out - Super-talented musicians, taking their time and doing something that's absolutely their own."

Jack Ruston (Producer/Engineer/Mixer)