MusicMoonhill ~ Martin Walker

Music inspired by the mystery and solitude of stone circles.

Throughout the centuries, stone circles have been used for astrological, religious and ceremonial purposes, as well as for healing and invocation.

Walking in circles reflects many aspects of the world around us, from planetary movements, the ceaseless changing of the seasons, right down to the circular movement of the breath of life itself, which is the foundation of most meditation practices.

Moonhill moves in slowly but ever changing cycles, using tempos that synchronise with your own breathing to bring peace and relaxation, and incorporates meditation bells, harps, flutes, voices, cello, and synthesisers.

  1. Standing In The Still Light
  2. Between The Worlds
  3. Monolith
  4. Mist On The Moors
  5. Walking In Circles
  6. The Sacred Well
  7. Moonhill

Total playing time 62:18

CD £10 plus £1.95 postage & packing

edition of 500: completely SOLD OUT


Praise for Moonhill

"Martin Walker’s inspired arrangements instantly lift your energies, as their perfectly balanced combination of traditional instruments and synthesised effects cascade over you, like a warm, glittering waterfall."

CPW magazine