News & Inventions

YTM Now On Bandcamp

For those who prefer their music as digital downloads, Yew Tree Magic has now released most of its albums via the well-respected Bandcamp outlet, which is very musician-friendly (click opposite).

They can be downloaded as bit-perfect FLAC or WAV files, as well as in a variety of compressed audio formats.

Optimising Airwindows Console5, 6 & 7

Martin explores ways to achieve the most effective results from this plug-in pair, whose results are subtle yet glorious, adding glue and spacial depth to mixes, and a sense of space around each sound.

"Martin, this is really well done, accurate and introduced me to Blue Cat plugins I didn't know existed :) Wonderful!"

Chris Johnson (AIRWINDOWS)

Martin Walker CF Interview

Commodore Format World Exclusive!: Martin Walker is returning to the C64!

"Martin tells us about his career, the highs and lows of being a freelance developer, and the resurrection of his long lost music editor. Plus, his incredible return to the C64 in 2018!"

"Sometimes", says Martin, "life seems to go in circles!"

Hunter's Moon Remastered

"Hunter's Moon is regarded as one of the finest games on the C64, and we're working closely with creator Martin Walker to ensure we stay true to his original vision."

"Hunter's Moon is an extraordinary visual and aural experience."

Zzap!64 Def Guide to Shoot 'Em Ups

This Kickstarter campaign for the official 30th anniversary cartridge edition of the classic C64 shoot 'em up raised an amazing £20,070 in just 30 days!

AAS Objeq Delay Update

Applied Acoustic Systems release Objeq Delay update incorporating Martin's new signature sound bank.

"Sound designer and steampunk audio inventor Martin Walker pushes the boundaries of Objeq Delay, discovering fresh and exciting possibilities while retaining loads of musicality."

The Rustacean

Soundworld Experiments 6: The Rustacean was created from found objects, scavenged from seaside rock pools or rescued from rivers.

Despite being deeply corroded, covered in verdigris, or tainted by rust, each part added its own unique sonic contribution to this steampunk-inspired windchime.

Steampunk Photon Hunter

Soundworld Experiments 5: The Photon Hunter is another of Martin's steampunk creations.

This fascinating device responds to CHANGES of light level, enabling the capture of completely new soundworlds!

"An extraordinary object for extracting hidden layers of sound from the ambient environment, the Photon Hunter will take you on many strange adventures."


Luftrum Lunaris Instrument

Luftrum releases Lunaris Pad Instrument featuring Martin's sound design skills.

"Lunaris is a 5GB Kontakt instrument containing pads only from cinematic underscoring pads to classic analog pads over rhythmic pad to deep ambient pads and any pads in between.

It ships with 250 presets created by world-class sound designers Arksun, Bigtone, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark."

Steampunk Synth Luminator

Soundworld Experiments 4: A desklamp to accompany the Korg MS-20 Retro Expansion synth, in full steampunk regalia!

Combining the wooden sleeve from a gifted bottle of vintage port and an esoteric assortment of telescopic brass worm gearing, this lamp design soon evolved into a complex balancing act between function and whimsy.

Korg MS-20 Retro Expansion

Soundworld Experiments 3: Full build details of a heavily-modded Korg MS-20, once again with plenty of retro features.

This time Martin adds an entirely new front panel containing sixteen additional controls to his Korg MS-20 Mini synth, featuring FM, PWM, Sync, Diode Ring Mod, multiple oscillator waveform outputs & enhanced mixer, as well as some gorgeous cherry hardwood side panels!

Mitt Gamon Interview

Mitt is interviewed by 'Harp Surgery' - the harmonica player's web site, in which he discusses among many other things his involvement with Godley and Creme, his unusual mental breathing style of rhythm playing, and his three-tier Hohner Chord Polyphonia.

Steampunk Shruthi SDE

Soundworld Experiments 2: Mutable Instruments Shruthi SMR4-mkII Sound Designer Edition.

Martin adds a host of circuit enhancements to turn this already wonderful Mutable Instruments monosynth into a sound designer's steampunk dream. Audio demos and step-by-step guide included.

Steamworx Alchemy Mobile

Camel Audio release Martin's popular sound library, adapted & optimised for the iPad/iPhone generation.

"Truly Outstanding."


Mar 2014 Martin is guest speaker at the A2D 2014 Music Industry Seminar

Geosonics Sound Library

Soniccouture release Geosonics instrument featuring Martin's sound design skills

Jul 2013 Camel Audio release Minimal Techno soundbank featuring MW sounds

May 2013 Martin chairs the Digital Future Of Music Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2013

Apr 2012 Martin chairs the Technical Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2012

Kitnetix Sound Library

Applied Acoustic Systems release Martin's KitNetix sound library.

"KitNetix is a macrophonic sound bank that zooms into an intricate new world. The 128-preset collection crafted by renowned sound designer Martin Walker features drum kits made from exotic materials, percussion unleashed from reality, soundscapes from dark beginnings to glittering futures, hyper-detailed generative textures, and fantasy hybrid instruments that have never been heard before."

Martin Walker Head2Head Interview with AAS

Martin is interviewed by Applied Acoustic Systems on the release of his Kitnetix sound library for the AAS Chromaphone, discussing his various approaches to sound design and his past musical history composing soundtracks for many computer games.

Camel Audio release Dream Voices soundbank featuring MW sounds

Applied Acoustic Systems release Chromaphone featuring MW factory sounds

Steampunk Buddha Machine

Soundworld Experiments 1: morphing a standard Buddha Machine II into a spectacular circuit-bent Steampunk version.

Steamworx Sound Library

Camel Audio release Martin's 'Steamworx' sound library - a cinematic netherworld featuring keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes and gothic choirs.

"The quality is luxurious, and the set features dark drums, atmospheric soundscapes, spooky pads and haunting choirs, with plenty of atonal curiosities along the way. Dark and sombre in tone, there are natural and mechanical sounds in equal abundance."

Computer Music Magazine

"Camel Audio and Martin Walker have created an incredibly beautiful, incredibly useable library that is a go-to source for inspiration ... I can't find a single fault in this library. This is a first."


"Steamworx is a far and away place of dreams and odd science. Hats off to Martin Walker for this very innovative set ... This expansion is highly recommended."

Wusik Magazine

"Steamworx is like magic. Amazing sounds, and everything blends so well! Organic, full of life and soul ... beautiful ... I especially loved the soundscapes and the pads ... and believe me, I am very picky."

Eduardo Tarilonte - Composer

PlugINdex Interview: Martin Walker

PlugINdex interview Martin about his 'Steamworx' sound library

Martin chairs the Music Industry Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2011

Gamma Shift Sound Library

Little Endian release Martin's 'Gamma Shift' spectral domain sound library

"SpectrumWorx has been my favourite secret weapon for some time now - I love its extreme sonic transformations. If you're searching for new sounds, it doesn't come much better than this!."

Martin Walker

Apr 2010 Camel Audio releases Cinematic soundblank featuring MW sounds

"The overall quality of presets is outstanding... Highlights for me are Luftrum's stunning pads and pretty much everything by Martin Walker, who consistently delivers amazing, highly cinematic sounds."