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Just a few of the lovely comments we've received:

"The Greenwood is a great CD, both musically and sonically. I was thinking how time wasn't a major factor in your CD. In fact, being able to float and disconnect from time was one of the things I noticed and enjoyed most."

Dan Dean, Bassist, Producer, and Composer, USA

"I have listened to The Greenwood over and over and I really like it. I find the peaceful energy that emanates from your music really great to isolate myself while working. Thanks again for this beautiful music!"

Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO, Applied Acoustic Systems, Canada

"I've been so disappointed with some 'new-age' music I almost gave up my search. However, I ordered Secret Trees and I have to say, I've nearly worn it out! Your music is exactly what I've been looking for AND it's musically brilliant as well. "

Amanda, Wales

"CDs arrived unscathed today - thanks! Your songs sound much better at full length. Snippets (as on your website) don't really do them justice."

Ryan, South Korea

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your music is really fab, it really does stir the soul (I even wrote some poetry this morning while listening to the track Call Of The Curlew)."

Heather, Scotland

"I’ve been listening to your CD samples - it was a difficult choice to pick one because they all sound great…. The Greenwood seemed a good place to start!"

Ian, Kent

"I love Belinda's watercolour paintings - nice to see real mastery of the medium!"

Lucy, Berkshire

"Very good paintings and very good music - I can't find anything to criticise! Most rare."

Su, Cornwall

"Peaceful music complementing some lovely watercolours in a beautiful tranquil setting."

Chris, Sussex

"Beautiful - restful - so much talent."

Janet, Cornwall