MusicAncient Seas ~ Martin Walker

Music inspired by the sounds and moods of the sea.

The surf gently breaking on the seashore is one of the most relaxing sounds on earth, yet the sea still has an underlying mystery and enchantment.

It has been a great source of inspiration for my music, and I have tried to capture its ebbs and flows, the early morning mists, and the secrets beneath the waves.

Ancient Seas features the Celtic Harp, Tibetan and Japanese bells, blended with strings, choirs and keyboards.

  1. Beneath The Waves
  2. Islands
  3. Distant Shores
  4. Voyage
  5. The Wind And The Stars
  6. Ancient Seas

Total playing time 60:36

CD £10 plus £1.95 postage & packing

edition of 1000: completely SOLD OUT

Praise for Ancient Seas

"Ancient Seas currently plays on an almost continuous loop. I liked it when I first heard it, but it's grown and grown on me - lovely piece of work!"

Music From The Mountains

"Martin Walker, a composer living in North Cornwall, used his local coastline as the inpsiration for this CD. It evokes all of the qualities of the sea, its peace, its depth, its power, its danger and its wonder."