Music Releases

Mathematic Hero Cage

'Mathematic Hero Cage' is the sixth album in Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker's musical journey together, but the first to incorporate reflective songs alongside instrumental tracks, as well as more in-depth collaborations with new musicians.

It is by turns provocative, delicate, light-hearted and experimental, exploring fresh genres in different ways. This time round there's also yet more inspired contributions from our musical friends and family. Enjoy!

Ambient Shuffling Robot

'Ambient Shuffling Robot', the fifth album from Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker is the widest-ranging to date, from funk to electronica via orchestral harmonica ensembles, from tightly choreographed excursions to unusual journeys into the unknown. In its own way, ASR captures the essence of both musicians as never before, leaving them free to do what they do best - make music that abandons genre boundaries in favour of eclectic exploration.

Released as a Digital Album via Bandcamp, guests are Nico Ramsden, Jennifer Maidman and Paul Whittaker on electric guitars, Julie Harrington on voice, and Monti and Paul Monkcom on drums.


'Branches', the fourth album together from Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker, comprises tracks bouncing between carefully choreographed composition and evolving from live performance. It's sometimes serene and sometimes edgy, and as with previous mg&mw releases it combines sounds ranging from rock to electronica, from delicate acoustic instruments to experimental sound design and field recordings.

Released as a Digital Album via Bandcamp, featuring Nico Ramsden on electric guitars, Paul Whittaker on acoustic guitars, Monti on drums, and Jennifer Maidman on basses, cuatros & percussion.

"It's a grand affair with a champion posse of players. Just shows what can be achieved during Lockdown. Sit upon your Cajon and play along... Deep Joy. Branches everywhere."

J.T. Blockhead


Revisited is a re-imagining of selected tracks across three previous albums, featuring guest musicians. Some tracks have been rejuvenated with new performances; others have been radically re-imagined from the ground up, with different instrumentation and tempos.

Released as a Digital Album via Bandcamp, featuring guests Nico Ramsden on guitar, Paul Monkcom & Monti on drums, & Joanna Saul on violin.

"Amazing reworkings of previous tracks. Another wonderful album by mg&mw."


All Steamed Up

All Steamed Up is the latest album in an ongoing collaboration between Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker, featuring live performance and intricate electronic production.

Released as a Digital Album via Bandcamp, the eight tracks feature guest musicians Nico Ramsden & Paul Simmans on guitar, and Joanna Saul on violin.

"Warm, mature, beautiful patterns and melodies that conjure great feeling and emotion. Fantastic work!"

Kirk Markarian

Harmonica Electronica

Our most recent CD release is Harmonica Electronica, full of emotive melodies, inspired arrangements, playful beats and deep soundscapes. The direct result of a chance encounter between Mitt Gamon and Martin Walker in Spring 2014, this is the first fruit of an ongoing musical collaboration.

Written over the course of a year, and released in CD format only, the eleven songs on Harmonica Electronica feature guest musicians Monti on drums, Nico Ramsden on guitar and Julie Harrington on vocals.

"Soundscapes full of inventiveness and sensuality... A unique blend... Definitely worth revisiting!"

Chaz Jankel (The Blockheads)

"Uplifting electronica that features harmonica. Deep and textural. A weird and wonderful combination."

Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

"Where nostalgia meets the poetic, and harmony meets the harmonica."

Gilad Atzmon (Jazz artist and author)

"The God Of Gobiron and Prophesor Atmos strike up the band. Close your eyes and listen. This doesn't come around often."

J.T. Blockhead

"A diverse and immersive listening experience."

Nasher (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

"This one, I'm sad to say, I had no hand in. Well worth checking out - Super-talented musicians, taking their time and doing something that's absolutely their own."

Jack Ruston (Producer/Engineer/Mixer)

The Greenwood

This CD release from Martin Walker contains deeply spiritual music inspired by the mystery of ancient forests. It is gentle, subtle, and totally absorbing.

"The Greenwood makes a wonderful background for any kind of meditative journey. Worth a place in any collection of CDs."

Pagan Dawn Magazine

Uneasy Listening

Mitt Gamon's first album 'Uneasy Listening' features Ian Dury, Jennifer Maidman, Annie Whitehead and many others. Mitt plays harmonica and guitar and the album also features a guest appearance by Ian Dury on vocals.

"No Mitt, it's quite loud enough, really!"

Jennifer Maidman


Darker in tone yet ultimately uplifting, Martin Walker's Moonhill is inspired by the mystery and solitude of stone circles. It incorporates meditation bells, harps, flutes, voices, cello, and synthesisers.

"Martin Walker's inspired arrangements instantly lift your energies. Like a warm, glittering waterfall."

CPW Magazine

Ancient Seas

The sounds and moods of the sea has been a great source of inspiration for Martin Walker's music, and he has tried to capture its ebbs and flows, the early morning mists, and the secrets beneath the waves.

"Ancient Seas currently plays on an almost continuous loop. I liked it when I first heard it, but it's grown and grown on me."

Music From The Mountains

Secret Trees

Secret Trees is inspired by the tranquillity and magical atmosphere of the forest, the power and mystery hidden within it, and its many myths and legends. It features harp, zither, dulcimer, bells, flutes, choir, and strings.

"Like a slowly turning musical kaleidoscope."

Wind & Wire Magazine

Intermittent Intent

Featuring Monti, Jennifer Maidman, Paul Holder & Nasher.

"No Thanks To The I.N.S, most lawyers and all bureaucracy"



Written by Mitt Gamon, and featuring Jennifer Maidman, Monti, Johnny Turnbull and Annie Whitehead

"Thanks to T and Brooke, and everyone that waited....."